Thermoelectric Coolboxes

Waeco Tropicool Coolbox Waeco Tropicool TCX-21 Thermo-electric Coolboxes Tropicool Freshbag
Tropicool 14 litre Tropicool 20 litre Tropicool 35 litre Tropicool Freshbag
12/24/240V 12/24/240V 12/24/240V 14 litre 12V
Professional Professional Professional  
  Waeco Mobicool 48 litre Coolbox Tropicool Bord-Bar TB-15  
  48 litre with wheels Tropicool Bord-Bar  
  12/240V - Budget 15 litre 12V Car Fridge  
12V Power Supply Waeco Spare Power Leads Low Voltage Battery Protector  
Electric Coolbox Spare Power Leads Automatic Low Voltage  
Mains Power Supply 12V, Mains Battery Protector  

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