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For golfers who want to improve their game

Suunto G3 Golfing WatchSuunto G3 is a combined electronic score card, leaderboard and game analyzer that enables you to keep track of your own and your opponent's scores.  Suunto G3 displays the leader even when you have different handicaps and memorizes your key statistics during the round.

With the included PC-software you can analyze your golfing performance over a longer period of time enabling you to concentrate on key improvement areas.

The PC-Software, together with the Internet community, enables you to share information with other like-minded golfing enthusiasts from around the world.  This is what makes the Suunto G3 the device of choice for every true golfer.

Information in Action

Suunto G3 eliminates the need for messy paperwork, memorizing such information as scores and handicaps.  All the information you need is readily available at the push of a button.

You can play alone and monitor your improvement on different courses or you can compete against a friend and compare your scores later on.

The four different game types ensure that every golfer, from beginner to pro, can enjoy Suunto G3 to the fullest.  You can choose from simple Scratch to more detailed but fairly fast Stableford, competitive Match or more demanding and time-consuming Stroke that is a true test of your skill.

Deeper Understanding

Suunto G3 enables you to keep score of four different game types and will constantly update the leader during the round to allow players with different handicaps to compete.

You can store your 10 favourite courses in memory.  Based on your given handicap index, the Suunto G3 will automatically adjust your handicap for the course you are playing so that you can see your real score during the game.

Suunto G3 registers statistical data (fairway hits, GIRs, up & downs, sand saves, putts and penalties) to let you get a deeper understanding of key improvement areas.

After the round, you can instantly view your own and your opponent's scores, and the key statistics of your game.

Suunto Software

Suunto Golf Manager (SGM) is PC-software that enables a deeper understanding and better graphical representation of the data recorded and stored by your Suunto G3.

The software stores all your scores, stats, opponents and courses and you can review your development over a longer period with the use of history or trend graphs.

SGM enables you to store your games and courses in the memory, and keep a scorecard.  You can review the played games and analyze your problem areas.  You can also view graphs that display the development of the key stats (GIR, FIR, putts etc.).

Golf community at is an Internet site where you can share information with other golfing enthusiasts from around the world.  The community gives you the opportunity to share your game results with other players and coaches, learn new things, exchange ideas, and pick up useful tips from others who are equally passionate about golf.

You can download new course data to your personal database.  You can also upload your data from Suunto Golf Manager to in order to compare your results with others or simply share your golfing experiences with friends or with everybody in the golf forum.



Keeps score of your and your opponents game.
Supports 4 game types: Scratch, Stroke, Stableford and Match.
Displays the leader at all stages of the game.
Memorizes different shots, such as fairway hits, sand shots, putts and penalties.


Calculates key statistics, such as Greens in Regulation, Sand Saves, Up & Downs, Drives on Fairway, Putt % and Penalties.
Calculates true handicap for given course.
Graphic illustration of result, handicap and key statistic development on PC with included Suunto Golf software.
After the game, you can view your and your opponent“s score and statistics.


Time and calendar.
Dual time.
3 daily alarms.
12/24h time.
Max number of split times in memory 30.
Scrolling of lap times.

Other Features

Suunto G3Light weight aluminium case.
Mineral crystal glass.
Dot-matrix display.
User-replaceable battery.
Low battery warning.
Backlight for night operation.
Selectable metric/imperial units.
Menu based user interface.
100 m / 330 ft water resistant.
PC interface with RS232 serial port connector.
PC software included - Suunto Golf Manager.

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