How to choose your Binocular

The ideal binocular for every use does not exist, so buying any binocular is a compromise of price, size, weight and optical quality.

For every Binocular in the range, we have included a chart similar to the one below which indicates the suitability for various activities.

Use Suitability
Travel Fair
Walking/Climbing Good
Stadium Sports Excellent
Yachting/Boating Fair
Bird Watching Good
Astronomy/Observation Excellent
Horse/Motor Racing Fair

What do those numbers mean? 8x21, 12x25, 20x50 etc.?

The first number refers to the magnification of an object, or how many times closer an object is seen at 1000m distance.

The second number refers to the diameter of the objective lens expressed in mm, and the larger the second number, the more light comes in and the better the image, but the heavier the binocular.

Field of View

The field of view gives the total width visible through the binocular at 1000m.  The larger the field of view, the less erratically you will have to move the binocular to follow a moving object.